About Sprihaz :

Sprihaz is a mixture of art , creativity and emotion. In this era of fashion, everyone wants to carry their individual trends in day-to-day lifestyle. Be it for college, office, parties, formal occasions and all. Sprihaz plays here a crucial role to make clients perfect in their desired way.

People Behind Sprihaz :

Sprihaz is the brain child of Saikat Adhikari and Spriha Dey who have observed the problem of large numbers of individuals regarding jewelries in the different fashion segments. Our creative team has worked heart and soul on this real life problem and put a full stop on this. Our team always make themselves up-to-date for market trends and consumer needs. This ensures that the jewelries produced by our team are not just exceptional in quality but also extremely relevant.

What Sprihaz Offers :

India’s diversity and complexity can be witnessed through its people, traditions and values associated with distinctive regional customs, habits, lifestyle & festivals. That’s why Sprihaz has taken a step ahead in producing customized jewelries as per client’s recommendation with no cost consultation and customization fee. Besides this, we have large numbers of innovative designs of jewelry collections, on which also client can suggests their preferred modifications or can add to their cart as it is at a very affordable price. For any modification to existing shop products, amount may or may not vary depending on suggested modifications.